What If There Isn't an Organization for Me?

While we have a wide variety of organizations that might interest you, if you don't find any, you can start your own organization! 

How to Start a New Organization, Step-by-Step

The following instructions provide the necessary steps to register a new student organization with Student Leadership and Engagement.

**The application submission is considered complete after steps 1 – 5 have been completed and the organization has received an email from the Peer Advising Team notifying them that they have been moved into a petitioning status.
  1. Membership: Find at least 5 USF undergraduate students to be members of your organization. Complete the member roster template found here.
  2. Constitution: Write a constitution which outlines the by-laws, purpose, and structure of your organization.  The constitution guide and template can be found here.
  3. Advisor: Get a full-time USF staff or faculty member to be your advisor. (Your advisor will be sent their advisor agreement form through the registration process.)
  4. Request to Register a New Student Organization in OrgSync where you will submit your member roster and constitution (Note: You will not be immediately recognized after completing this form).
  5. Meet with the Peer Advising Team to review your registration form and the tools and resources necessary to registering and leading a student organization.
  6. Petitioning: Make necessary revisions to your constitution following the constitution review process.
  7. Recognized: Receive a Letter of Recognition from Student Leadership and Engagement.

Important Dates and Deadlines:

Submission Deadline: Petitioning Period: Official Recognition Date:
8/23/18 8/30-9/30 10/1/18
9/28/18 10/8-12/6 1/21/19
1/25/19 1/31-3/3 3/4/19
3/1/19 3/11-5/9 8/20/19


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