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What is Barrio Fiesta?

Barrio Fiesta is USF Kasamahan's annual Pilipino Cultural Night. It a showcase hosted by talented students who use skit, dance, and song to represent Philippine culture and identities. The main purpose of Barrio Fiesta is to bring together not just Filipinos, but to also bring light to the narratives of Filipino/Filipino-Americans with our families, friends, and communities. Come and experience this unique cultural exchange through Barrio Fiesta! 

How can I become a sponsor?

Sponsorship Form for Barrio Fiesta 2019:           CLICK HERE

Want to watch previous Barrio Fiestas? Click on the links below!

2018 show 2: https://media.usfca.edu/Watch/pakikisama

     Pictures from Barrio Fiesta 2018 (taken by Neil Pulido and Jonas Maestro):    Album 1   Album 2   Album 3

2017 show 1: https://media.usfca.edu/Watch/utangnaloob1

2017 show 2: https://media.usfca.edu/Watch/utangnaloob2

2015 show 1: https://media.usfca.edu/Watch/changerisingfromthetides1

2015 show 2: https://media.usfca.edu/Watch/changerisingfromthetides2

2014 show 1: https://media.usfca.edu/Watch/relasyon1

2014 show 2: https://media.usfca.edu/Watch/relasyon2

2013 show: https://media.usfca.edu/Watch/sarilingatin