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What is Barrio Fiesta?

Barrio Fiesta is USF Kasamahan's annual Pilipino Cultural Night. It a showcase hosted by talented students who use skit, dance, and song to represent Philippine culture and identities. The main purpose of Barrio Fiesta is to bring together not just Filipinos, but to also bring light to the narratives of Filipino/Filipino-Americans with our families, friends, and communities. Come and experience this unique cultural exchange through Barrio Fiesta! 

How can I become a sponsor?

Sponsorship Form for Barrio Fiesta 2018:            Letter    Form 

Want to watch previous Barrio Fiestas? Click on the links below!

2018 show 2: https://media.usfca.edu/Watch/pakikisama

2017 show 1: https://media.usfca.edu/Watch/utangnaloob1

2017 show 2: https://media.usfca.edu/Watch/utangnaloob2

2015 show 1: https://media.usfca.edu/Watch/changerisingfromthetides1

2015 show 2: https://media.usfca.edu/Watch/changerisingfromthetides2

2014 show 1: https://media.usfca.edu/Watch/relasyon1

2014 show 2: https://media.usfca.edu/Watch/relasyon2

2013 show: https://media.usfca.edu/Watch/sarilingatin



Hello Kasamas! As we near the end of the fall semester, it’s time to get ready for


In order to participate in Barrio Fiesta you must attend PCN Symposium in either the Fall or Spring.

Fall PCN Symposium will be on Saturday, December 1 from 10:30am-3pm in Fromm

Wait... What is PCN?

PCN stands for Pilipinx Cultural Night, or as we like to call it, Barrio Fiesta! Many universities (and some high schools!) host them every year to showcase Pilipinx culture through a theatrical production

Oh, okay. So ... what is PCN Symposium?

PCN Symposium is the introduction to USF Kasamahan’s PCN: Barrio Fiesta. It is held for membership to learn about Barrio Fiesta, what it consists of, and how to get involved. We will also show examples of the different components that make up the show (skit, dance, choir and rondalla) and give you all a taste of what’s to come in the Spring!

We highly encourage you to attend Fall Symposium as it is the kickoff to Barrio season

That sounds dope! How does casting work?

Every year our cast grows larger. Those who attend Fall Symposium will receive priority casting for dances. Those who attend Fall Symposium are also more likely to be casted in more than one dance.

OOOO I want to join! How do we sign up?

Barrio cast sign-ups will open right after Fall PCN Symposium. We will be walking through the form at Symposium

What if we can't make it to Fall Symposium? :(

If you cannot attend Fall PCN Symposium, there will be a Spring Symposium next semester on February 2. Please keep in mind that you must attend Spring Symposium if you cannot attend in the Fall.


Wait!! I have more questions!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to any of us on Cultural Committee through our email usfkacultural@gmail.com or message us on Slack.


Cultural Committee is very excited for Barrio season and we hope you all are too!

Maraming Salamat,

Micaela Tandinco (Cultural Director)

Christen Bautista, Alexa David, Kristian Fadrigon (Cultural Chairs)