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- Maria Elena G. Yuchengco Philippine Studies Program

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What is Barrio Fiesta?

Barrio Fiesta is USF Kasamahan's signature event; AKA our annual Pilipino Culture Night. It is a show that consists of young, talented students representing their culture and identities through skit, dance, and song. The main purpose of Barrio Fiesta is to bring together, not just Filipinos, but other folks (families, friends, students, faculty, & staff) as well to learn about the Filipino culture and community, and to get a better understanding of the culture itself. There are dances ranging from Filipino folk dancing, Hip-Hop, and Ballroom. Another part of the whole show is the skit, which takes a theme, and portrays it through a skit to get a certain message across. Barrio Fiesta is a great way to bring together the Filipino community, not just the students, but other people as well.

How can I become a sponsor?
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Cultural Committee:
Phol Degalicia (Director):
Angheline Austria (Co-Chair):
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