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E X E C U T I V E  B O A R D

President :: Nicole-Jocelyn Sanchez
Vice President :: Alia De Jesus
Secretary :: Aileen Cai
Treasurer :: Dianne Panlilio
Development Director :: Kassidy Cabana
Cultural Director :: Jazlynn Pastor
Cultural Co-Chairs :: Maelynne Marzan and Kayla Zabala
PR/PA :: James Dumlao and Tiana Valerio
Activities :: Nate Magsayo
Publicity :: Tyler Wong
Ourstorian :: Abby Ascunsion

Nicole-Jocelyn (Nikki) Sanchez

Position: President
Year: Senior
Major: Accounting
Minor: Philippine Studies & Fine Arts
Where to find me on campus: You can find me at the ASUSF Senate desk during my office hours! If not, I'm probably studying in the undercaf or hiding in Malloy... haha.
Short Fun Fact: I am a short fun fact! just kidding. I really love bread, especially garlic bread. 

Alia De Jesus

Position: Vice President
Year: Senior
Major: Management & Marketing
Where to find me on campus: You can find me working in Cowell, in class or moving my car LOL! 
Short Fun Fact: I looove sweets!! like I'm literally gonna get diabetes when I'm older but I really can't stop.

Aileen L. Cai

Where to find me on campus:Anywhere in the University Center.
Short Fun Fact:I fell down the stairs when I was younger because my sister was trying to teach me how to walk down them. She ended up getting paid never to try it again.

Dianne Panlilio

Position: Treasurer
Year: Senior
Major: Marketing & Management
Where to find me on campus: Gleeson Library Basement (where I work at the Learning and Writing Center).
Short Fun Fact: I love crabs.


Kassidy Cabana

Position: Development Director
Year: Sophomore
Where to find me on campus: Undercaf or UC 4.
Short Fun Fact: I can juggle!

Jazlynn Pastor

Position: Cultural Director
Year: Senior
Major: Communication Studies
Minor: Yuchengco Philippine Studies Program, Asian Pacific American Studies
Where to find me on campus:  At the Intercultural Center or CFCC desk located on the University Center's 4th Floor!
Short Fun Fact: I am allergic to apples, carrots, and jack fruit - oh my!

Maelynne Marzan

Position: Cultural Co-Chair
Year: Sophomore
Major: Comparative Literature/Psychology
Where to find me on campus:  At the Atrium in Gleeson Library.
Short Fun Fact: I hate odd numbers.

Kayla Zabala

Position: Cultural Co-Chair
Year: Senior
Major: Psychology
Minor: Fine Arts
Where to find me on campus:  Either somewhere in the UC or somewhere in the church, and in the PASJ Workshop (very specific, I know).
Short Fun Fact: I'm really into the arts! Visual arts, performing arts, etc. etc.; I love it all c:

James Dumlao

Position: Public Relations and Political Affairs
Year: Sophomore
Major: Economics
Where to find me on campus: In Toler, at the One Card Office, or walking to and from Lomo.
Short Fun Fact: Passion is my passion.

Tiana Valerio

Position: Public Relations and Political Affairs
Year: Sophomore
Major: Organizational Behavior and Leadership
Minor: Natural sciences
Where to find me on campus:  The CAF!!
Short Fun Fact: I have a twin

Nathan Magsayo

Position: Activities Director
Year: Junior
Major: Kinesiology
Where to find me on campus:  Caf, Koret, War Memorial Gym, UC, Library, Church.
Short Fun Fact: I have a pet donkey named Lulu.

Tyler Wong

Position: Publicity Director
Year: Sophomore
Major: Computer Science
Where to find me on campus:  Somewhere in the UC, Gleeson Library 2nd floor, or the Admissions Office working as a University Ambassador.
Short Fun Fact: I love photography, dance, and being that one kid that people tell to shut up because of lame jokes.

Abby Asuncion

Position: Ourstorian
Year: Sophomore
Major: Communication Studies
Minor: Media Studies and Philippine Studies
Where to find me on campus:  Sleeping in Toler or being flexi mama in the caf.
Short Fun Fact: I like rollercoasters and food but not at the same time :-)

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