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Why Kasama-Reps?
+ Retention and Transition - KasamaReps are an efficient way to encourage and prepare members to run for executive board
+ Leadership Building - Give general members the opportunity to become more involved in Kasamahan
+ Professional Development - Wow! This is a great way to take advantage of building professional growth through community and culture.

+ The main purpose of appointing Executive Board KasamaReps is to provide members with leadership experience and to give insight on what is expected in being an Kasamahan Executive Board officer.
+ Teach KasamaReps the internal functions of student organizations, general meeting and event planning, and personal organization and leadership skills.
+ KasamaReps will gain confidence in their abilities to lead an organization by working closely with officers and hosting their own Kasamahan event.
+ KasamaReps will learn the vision, mission, and purpose of Kasamahan.

Constitutional Requirements:
+ E-board KasamaReps: KasamaReps will be appointed from each class to voice members’ issues and to assist the elected officers of the Executive Board. Applications for KasamaReps will be taken and evaluated by the elected Executive Board. The Executive Board will select 6-8 KasamaReps based on the content of their applications and an interview with the Executive Board. The KasamaReps must also oversee membership status and progress of general members as allocated by their class standing.

KasamaRep Coordinator:
James Dumlao - Director of Membership 2018-2019

Say hello to your 2018-2019 KasamaREPs, your go-to's throughout the year for all things Kasamahan!

   Senior: Joshua Chong

   Junior: Robert Macaibay  

   Sophomore: Emily Estrada 

   Freshmen: Kiana Signey and Jenica Zamora